Fix for poor A2DP quality for Bluetooth headphones under Windows 8, 8.1 and 10!

I’ve been happily using my Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones for the past 6 months without problem between my Windows 7 laptop and Sony Xperia Sola but after updating to Windows 8 this peace has ended in cracking and hissing reminiscent of low quality internet radio.

To resolve this and bring back full A2DP high quality Bluetooth streaming try the following:

  1. Open Devices and Printers from Hardware and Sound within the Control Panel
  2. Expand the Bluetooth headphone listed under Devices by double clicking it
  3. Switch to the Services tab within the Properties dialog
  4. Turn off Hands-free Telephony and click OK

Re-connect to your Bluetooth headphones and play a song from your Windows 8 machine, fingers crossed the hissing is gone! I’ll be updating to APT-X shortly which will do away with reliance on Bluetooth for audio but Bluetooth will still be required for track changes, etc. Hope this helps!

Update: This same fix works for Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 ๐Ÿ˜€

34 thoughts on “Fix for poor A2DP quality for Bluetooth headphones under Windows 8, 8.1 and 10!”

  1. Hey, a big THANK YOU from Italy, solved my issue and prevented me to buy a new BT usb key. I thought my pc wasn’t compatible with A2DP and, instead, it was just a setting to change ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. thank you !! sooo much,finally i can use my bt headset with my laptop i had all but given up on it after buying two different ones and both suffered from inexplicable lag,stutter and cut offs.

  3. I have headphones with mic and if I turn off this then i canot use my mic ๐Ÿ™ if I wanna use mic then my headphones are gone :/

    1. Wonter, unfortunately you cannot have both using Bluetooth as by disabling telephony we can allocate all bandwidth to audio quality.

      1. And yet it works on every smartphone on the planet exactly this way. Interesting that its just not possible on a PC

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just connected my Bose Soundlink headphones and was feeling pretty disappointed. Then I found this!

  5. A quick shortcut for this is right-click on the speaker icon in you taskbar and choose playback devices.

    @Heathz, I don’t think there’s a work around for this. I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that Bluetooth has two channels available. If you’re in hands free mode, you get one for mic and one for audio (hence the bad audio quality), if you choose audio playback mode, then both channels are used for audio, giving you better quality (but no mic). You may be able to get higher quality bluetooth headsets that have more channels available…

  6. When I do the steps you said I can hear perfectly but the mic stop working.
    If I open the Sound Properties, when i’m at the Playback tab I can hear perfectly but the mic stops… if I change to the recording tab I stop listen and the mic starts work!
    Is there another workaround for this?

  7. WOOT WOOT!!!!! thanks i’ve been looking for driver updates, firmware updates, anything to fix this. i would have never suspect that it was cause by a OS bug

  8. Thank you very much!! I was so frustated with my new headphones I thought there was something wrong with them, I was really close to go to store and ask for a change or something. Really Thank you very much great post easy to follow directions. keep up the good work!

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