WordPress Site Launch Checklist

Update WordPress default Permalink structure

Ensuring WordPress URL’s contain key words from the post name go hand in hand with on-page SEO optimisation efforts.

  • For blogging sites I like to set the root page to /blog/%postname%
  • For commercial sites I prefer /news/%postname%

I have experimented adding the post’s category (%category%) after /news/ and inbetween %postname% to little advantage, all it ends up doing is making the URL longer and less accessible to site visitors.

  1. Open WordPress Administrator > Settings > Permalinks
  2. Check the radio button Custom Structure and fill the field with /blog/%postname%/
  3. Press Save Changes

Update General Settings

After a clean install of WordPress a few of the default settings need to be personalised, this is done within Options > General Settings.

  • Blog Title – This is the title that appears wherever bloginfo('name') is used within your theme template
  • Tagline – This is the sub-title that regularly appears alongside the Blog Title and wherever bloginfo('description') is used within your theme template
  • Membership – Will you allow site visitors to register for regular post updates and be able to maintain their user profile? For commercial sites I ensure this option is unchecked.
  • Timezone – Set this to the local timezone of your client

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